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People seek counseling for a variety of reasons—perhaps related to a specific event which may bring on a strong sense of uncertainty or distress.  Other times, the reasons people begin counseling can be more difficult to identify.  It could be a general sense of overwhelm, or that something is off balance and doesn’t feel right.   


In therapy with me, you will find a warm, open and non-judgmental space.  We will explore issues together to gain greater insight and awareness about how these issues are impacting your life.  My focus is on working to integrate the whole self—mind, body, and spirit. My compassionate and honest approach seeks new and creative ways of looking at old problems.


When a change, disruption, or developmental stage occurs in life, children are impacted.  Some feel it deeply and may develop unwanted symptoms. However, sometimes there is not an easily identifiable trigger. Often, caregivers express that their child “just does not seem like him or herself.” Counseling offers children the opportunity to work through issues in a safe, age-appropriate way, with an experienced and trustworthy person. Depending on where the child is developmentally, this can look like talking, creating art, reading books, and playing games. 

Often, a child's therapy plan involves a cooperative effort between the parents/caregivers. Children who regularly attend therapy sessions often show improvement in areas like their mood, problem behaviors, learning, and stress. Likewise, parents/caregivers who participate in therapy show signs of improvement in the same areas as well as partner relationship and parent-child relationship. ​

​Other times, counseling may need to focus on the family as a whole. As a family therapist, I work to hold multiple viewpoints and help families bridge perspectives to bring everyone back into balance.


What to Expect

During your initial consultation, I will answer any questions about initial paperwork, policies or procedures, and we will discuss the counseling process. The goal of this session is for me to learn more about you and your family's concerns and history, and work towards developing a treatment plan. After that, the first couple of visits are a time for us both to determine whether we are a good fit and will work well together.  Because the process of therapy is a partnership, I invite clients to take an active approach in the process by asking questions and implementing suggestions between appointments.

What to Expect
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