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Amanda Heaney, LPC


Working With Me

I have experience and enjoy working with all different kinds of people and much of my specialized training has focused on relational work with children and their families. I believe everyone has an important story to tell, but sometimes the stories we tell ourselves keep us stuck and in conflict. Having someone who can witness our experiences and reflect our story back to us helps us to feel understood and thus leads towards healing. In that regard, I offer presence, respect, and creative ways of looking at problems so that you can see that joy and strength are possible, even in (and especially in) the midst of tough times.


  • Bachelor of Science in Education from Oklahoma State University, 2007

  • Masters in Counseling Psychology from Oklahoma State University, 2015

  • Certified provider of Child Parent Psychotherapy

  • Certified instructor of Infant Massage

  • License and State: 6949 Oklahoma

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